MSNBC: President Trump 'the Commander-In-Chief of Rape Culture'

Sexual abuse is "an apt metaphor for everything Trumpism is about."

An MSNBC commentator, from the same Democrat party that refuses to condemn its sexual harassing icon Bill Clinton and his wife who bullies his victims, declared President Donald Trump to be the "commander-in-chief of rape culture."

Fox News Insider reports that New York University Visiting Scholar Anand Giridharadas appeared on the radical Joy Reid's MSNBC show and said with typical leftist fantasy that America is in the midst of "a rape culture presidency."

The context of the discussion was the brewing scandal over White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter, who resigned the Trump administration on Wednesday amid questions over the internal handling of domestic abuse allegations against him -- allegations which Porter denies.

Giridharadas was reacting to a statement by White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, who has said she has "no reason not to believe" Porter's accusers, nevertheless pointed out the hypocritical nature of Democrats pretending outrage over Republican sexual misconduct.

"[Some Democrats] protected, defended and harbored a sitting president who had sexual relations in the Oval Office and was impeached for lying," Conway said of Hillary's husband Bill Clinton Sunday on ABC News.

Giridharadas dismissed Conway's comments, stating that she "will say anything for money." In other words, he could not refute her so he smeared her credibility without evidence instead.

He went on to accuse Trump, the man who has placed more women in administration positions than any president in history, of "self-declaring himself to be a pussy grabber," and added ridiculously that sexual abuse is "an apt metaphor for everything Trumpism is about."

"Trumpism... cultivates fear" just like sexual harassment does, he said, and it proves that President Trump is "the commander-in-chief of rape culture."

The same lefists who would never condemn the actual rape culture of Islamic societies wail constantly that, under Trump, Americans are living in a misogynist nightmare straight out of The Handmaid's Tale.

This kind of anti-Trump hysteria is par for the course both for Joy Reid's show and for commentators from far left-dominated academia.