MSNBC Panel Rips Hillary's 'Horrific Performance'

"Can we actually tell the truth?"

A recent "horrific" speech performance by Hillary Clinton left a bewildered MSNBC panel reluctantly admitting Tuesday that the once "inevitable" candidate is in major trouble.

"Can we do what we do on this show and tell the truth?" asked co-host Joe Scarborough after playing a few clips from Clinton at a "Women for Hillary" campaign speech Monday. "Can we actually tell the truth? That was a horrific performance. That is horrific."

The panel, which included NBC's Willie Geist, liberal contributor Mike Barnicle, and former Republican strategist Nicolle Wallace, agreed that Clinton's unconvincing, scripted series of attacks on Donald Trump only highlighted how much less authentic and engaging she is. 

"She's delivered that line many times before," said Geist, yet, as Scarborough points out, she repeatedly is looking down to check her notes. "It's completely different than Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump," said Geist. 

Wallace said the clip only highlights why Clinton isn't connecting with women, a recent poll showing her losing nearly a third of her support among the group she's supposed to have the strongest grip on.

"She should fire most of her staff," said Barnicle. "She's so overly stage-managed that she sets up right there a curtain between her and any audience that she has, whether the audience is watching her on TV, or whether the audience is there in person. She just sets up a curtain between herself and the audience."

Though he calls Clinton "an accomplished, formidable candidate," Barnicle said she has become "hamstrung by her own inability to handle her self-inflicted email wound," which he feared might prove "lethal" to her presidential run. 

H/T Mediaite, TheBlaze