MSNBC Loses It Over Arming Teachers, Who Would Surely Murder Black Boys

"This is the dumbest idea of many dumb ideas."

On Sunday's edition of MSNBC's AM Joy, left-wing host Joy Reid and her panel came unglued over the notion of supporting teachers' carry of concealed firearms at school.

In the cyclone of fear, insanity abounded: Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin called the proposal the President's "dumbest idea," former Independent Women's Forum CEO Michelle Bernard worried that teachers would murder black students, and former congressional spokesman and recently-converted Democrat Kurt Bardella condemned NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch as a "paid mercenary" full of "idiocy," who "has no soul."


The group appeared clueless to the fact that many schools already allow trained teachers to bring their firearms to work with them. Subsequently, Rubin announced:

"This is the dumbest idea of many dumb ideas Trump has had."

Assuming that educators and law enforcement are even dumber than Trump -- and, therefore, teachers would not holster their weapons upon seeing police attending to a situation, Rubin agonized over the likelihood that cops would then simply and errantly shoot the teachers in a crisis situation. 

In sync with the concept of trained teachers being buffoons, Reid added:

"If you put metal detectors up, former students would know they can just walk through the metal detectors with no gun and acquire their weapons in school inside the building."

Anti-2nd Amendment Reid also previously tweeted that she would not allow her children to enter any school which allowed teachers -- whom she characterized as "warlords" -- to be armed.

In response to Dana Loesch's recent speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference -- during which she accused media of relishing boosted ratings from tragedies such as the Parkland incident -- Bardella remarked:

"This is a different dimension of idiocy we're seeing right now on display from people like Dana...This is someone who clearly, frankly, has no soul, who's...just a paid mercenary who's happy to keep cashing the check from the NRA."


Perhaps most egregious and stupid of all, Michelle Bernard worried about a reduction in immigration to America (say it ain't so!), suggesting that teachers, if armed, would surely choose to murder black boys because of their "vibe":

"No one's going to want to come to our country if our teachers have guns in the schools, and what is going to happen to black boys in classrooms if teachers have guns and a teacher gets a bad vibe from a black boy and shoots him?"

The Left seem to be constantly in the throes of hysteria, and Joy Reid and panel are no exception with regard to arming teachers. Perhaps they would see things differently, if only they themselves were armed -- with rationale.