John Oliver: NRATV Like a 'Deranged Letter From a Serial Killer'

"Oh, my God!"

On Sunday night's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the comedian -- a term we at TruthRevolt must constantly, sadly, use very loosely -- promulgated yet more hateful, anti-conservative rage. In addition to suggesting "sexual tension" between President Trump and his daughter, the HBO host said NRATV -- the National Rifle Association's website and YouTube channel -- is comparable to a "deranged letter from a serial killer."

As reported by Newsbusters, Oliver showed an NRA video clip featuring a narrated defense of hunting, explaining, "Death is an undeniable fuel of life," to which he responded:

"Oh, my God! That is less Planet Earth and more deranged letter from a serial killer. Although, to be honest, I'd respect the NRA a lot more if its slogan were just 'The NRA: Because death is an undeniable fuel of life.' I wouldn't like it, but at least we'd be clear where they were coming from."

More egregious, in Oliver's view, is NRATV compelling its members with products they may want to buy:

"And there may be a good reason it sounds like an infomercial —  because it is. Many of NRATV's shows are sponsored by gun brands like Smith & Wesson. And behind the scenes of NRATV is an ad agency. It's called Ackerman McQueen. They've worked with the NRA for decades, and the Ackerman McQueen website proclaims, 'Every brand must be its own media company.' And that's what the NRA have done with their TV arm. They've got a product to sell, and they employ people who can sell that product. Even Dana Loesch, the clenched fist of truth, when she's not warning of the drug cartels and human traffickers in every single American city, is selling you some other shit."

The horror! The NRA has sponsors? Much like companies footing the bill for nearly every pro-Left show on television?

For good measure, the radical host was also sure to accuse America's President of incest:

"[Jared] Kushner screwed up some important paperwork, keeps changing his personal wealth, and casually overlooked hundreds of foreigners. He truly is his father-in-law's son. The only real difference is one of them has electrifying sexual chemistry with Ivanka Trump and the other is Jared Kushner."

The NRA clip was correct: death is a fuel of life. And it is the death of the Democratic Left -- brought on by the repulsive antics of those such as John Oliver -- which gave life to Donald Trump's presidency.