MSNBC Lineup Gushes Over Obamacare Signups

Schultz, Sharpton and Joy Reid (in for Chris Matthews) all touted the new Obamacare signups on Thursday's MSNBC lineup.

After playing a clip of President Obama's surprise visit to the White House press room on Thursday where he talked up the latest Obamacare enrollees, Sharpton declared it was a big win for the administration.

Sharpton enthusiastically reported that 35% of the enrollees were under 35 years old and made fun of opposition of Obamacare who said young people would not sign up. Even the White House admitted the number of younger sign-ups is not enough to sustain the bloated Affordable Care Act. But that tidbit of information was lost on the gloating host:

Hear that Republicans? No matter the spin, the lies, the scare tactics! The reality is the law is working! 

Sharpton said the eight million enrollees shattered everyone's expectations and played numerous clips of President Obama's statements.

Ed Schultz and Joy Reid, who filled in for Chris Matthews on Hardball Thursday, joined in, all touting the alleged success of the President's signature legislation.