MSNBC Hosts, No Tough Questions For Trump

Are MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski too cozy with Donald Trump?

That has been an allegation that has been floated by people on the left and the right, pointing to a number of softball interviews the pair has given Trump. Well now the allegation may only get stronger after an off-camera conversation was recorded and released of Trump's appearance at a townhall with the pair in South Carolina.last week.

In the audio, released online via Harry Shearer's podcast, the MSNBC hosts are heard chit-chatting with Trump and talking about the not-so-tough questions they will ask. Here is how The Washington Post portrays the exchange:

At one point, Trump describes Scarborough and Brzezinski's portrayal of him in one particular case as "almost like a legendary figure." But Trump also has a pattern of seeing what he wants to see in the analysis of people who view him as a real contender.

At another point, Trump says, "Just make us all look good," and Scarborough responds, "Exactly." Later, Trump says, "Nothing too hard, Mika," referring to upcoming questions, and Brzezinski replies, "Okay."

Listen to the whole thing here. The relevant portion begins at 21:25.