Education Board Prez: Time to Drop George Washington's Name from School Buildings

Bring on more women and LGBT figures because they’ve NEVER done anything wrong.

Move over Civil War generals, it’s time for someone else to be whitewashed from America’s history: evil slave-owning white man George Washington.

Forget that he was our first president and one of the world’s greatest generals. Washington is a pariah in San Francisco. According to the city’s board of education president Matt Haney, Washington needs to be removed from school buildings because his past is “problematic.”

The inspiration for Haney’s thoughts on the matter: Colin Kaepernick’s recent anti-America protests. From the San Francisco Examiner:

The idea came to him after listening to a sermon Sunday at Third Baptist Church, a black church in the Western Addition, about 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick protesting the national anthem in recent weeks. The song’s slave-owning author, Francis Scott Key, has a school named after him in the Outer Sunset.

This sudden revival awakened an idea in Haney’s mind: remove George Washington’s name from a local high school and rename it after one of its former students, Maya Angelou. In fact, any past figure connected in any way to the slave trade should be eradicated, according to the school board president. Haney wrote about this on Facebook, and when someone recommended the school bearing Key’s name be renamed after Kaepernick, he said that isn’t enough:

“We tearing them all down. No schools named after people who bought and owned human beings and committed genocide.”

Haney further suggested taking any meaningless names off of schools, such as the elementary school named after Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde author Robert Louis Stevenson or James Lick Middle School, named after the richest Californian of the late 1800s, especially with so many that are “socio-economically disadvantaged” in the city. 

“I don’t think the goal is to condemn people who died a long time ago,” said Haney. “The question is whether there might be a more appropriate, meaningful name.”

Here’s who Haney believes deserves to take these historical figures’ places:

“[I’m] hoping the school district can have more schools named after people of color, women and LGBT figures.”

Because people in those categories have NEVER done anything morally wrong in their lives, surely. 

H/T College Fix