MSNBC Guest: President Trump is 'Defecating on Women'

“He now the Oval Office...taking away rights from women.” representative and frequent MSNBC commenter Karine Jean-Pierre made a bizarre statement during Saturday’s broadcast of AM Joy: through his executive orders, President Donald Trump is “defecating on women.”

Declaring that President Trump is “taking away rights from women,” Jean-Pierre also insisted that the President is specifically targeting black women. This accusation came despite zero evidence to support it, and that he is an equal opportunity critic of his attackers. Even the leftist propaganda organ New York Times has characterized the recipients of the President’s barbs as “wide-ranging,” going so far as to compile a list to demonstrate this fact.

During a discussion about sexual harassment and assault allegations against studio head Harvey Weinstein, Jean-Pierre said President Trump’s Access Hollywood tape proved that he groped women, and that claim crescendoed into a repellent charge that he is “essentially defecating on women” via his executive orders:

"And the thing that is even crazier than that is that he now sits behind the resolute desk in the Oval Office essentially defecating on women, signing executive orders, taking away rights from women.”

“Crazier than that” may be a phrase Jean-Pierre should be cautious about using on other people. Then, despite the fact that she had already referenced Trump’s criticisms of John McCain, Khizr Khan, and General John Kelly, she went on to made a ridiculous claim of his (gasp!) sexist racism:

“For every Trump controversy, there seems to be a black woman that this administration wants to take down publicly, dehumanize, and really just try to destroy.  And it's incredibly dangerous, troubling and disgusting. You have April Ryan, you have Susan Rice, you have Jemele Hill, you have Maxine Waters, and now you have Frederica Wilson. This is what this administration continues to do because they're so afraid of powerful black women. And so that is how they cover up their controversies, by finding one that they can take down.”

No mention of the fact that Trump was responding to attacks from those women.

Jean-Pierre--like other mainstream media panelists--is quite the fan of baseless claims against the President: in September, she falsely announced that Miss Texas had called him a “white supremacist.” She’s one of many kooks making the constant rounds at left-wing MSNBC. It's no surprise that Fox News ranked No. 1 across cable news networks in September for the 15th straight month. Keep it up, MSNBC. And MoveOn with your craziness, Jean-Pierre.