WaPo Writer Laments Media's 2016 Kid-Gloves Treatment of Trump


On AM Joy Sunday, during a discussion of sexual harassment amid Joy Reid's inexplicable suggestion of media bias against Hillary Clinton, columnist Jennifer Rubin asserted that Clinton lost because the media took it easy on Donald Trump.

Apparently having spent all of 2016 in a cave, The Washington Post’s Rubin complained that, during the lead-up to the election, the national news media spent far too much time on Hillary’s mismanagement of classified documents and not nearly enough focus on accusations of sexual harassment against Trump.

At the outset, host Reid proposed a theory of sexism manifested in Matt Lauer’s interview with Clinton about her email server:

“There's just the level of disrespect for the opinion of women that's one level of it all the way up to the disrespect of women's bodies, you know, along that range, but is it too much to conflate those two things and say, ‘Wait a minute, this could actually swing an election.’”

Reid’s question opened the door for Rubin’s claim of media neglect over Trump’s alleged sexual misconduct:

“Well, I don't think it's too much to conflate it, and it happens also in what's not shown. If there was enough coverage of Trump's -- I don't even want to say "dalliances" because that sounds trivial -- but really predatory behavior with women which was known before Access Hollywood -- if there was as much coverage of that as it was of Hillary Clinton's emails, do we think the election would have come out the same? I don’t.”

Huh? First of all, the media hammered Trump over all manner of actions toward the opposite sex. Secondly, in a runoff for the leadership of a nation, should questions of sexual conduct be as scrutinized as gross negligence in matters of national security? Rubin thinks so. Additionally, she waded farther into the waters of ridiculousness, charging the media with treating Trump as if he were "normal":

“It was the willingness to ignore -- say, ‘Ah, it's just about sex -- it's just about his private life -- it doesn't have any relevance’ -- that contributed to Donald Trump's normalization which was, I think, the greatest sin of the media in the election -- treating him like a normal person running a normal campaign saying normal things. And the red light should have been flashing on, and they should have been investigating, you know, down to the 14-year-olds who he was ogling outside the Trump Tower, but it wasn’t.”

Wow -- being too nice to Donald Trump was the media's greatest sin. Furthermore, the Washington Post writer claimed that news organizations' 2016 coverage of Trump and Clinton was based on misogyny, and that if more women were in charge, Hillary wouldn’t have been harassed by the media:

“And part of that is because of these misogynistic men, and part of it is simply because there are not enough women in positions of authority. If you had more women at the top, it would have been less harassment, and it would have been more coverage in a more gender-neutral way.”

Wanting to ensure she wasn't disassociated from Rubin's idiocy, Reid added, "You're getting 'amens' here." Shouldn't that be "awomens?" Down with the patriarchy, ladies.