MSNBC Anchor Almost Threw Up When Trump Won

What’s truly nauseating is Katy Tur's bias.

In her new book Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in American History, NBC correspondent and MSNBC anchor Katy Tur says she wanted to throw up when Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

Describing her experience the night the real estate mogul and reality TV star thwarted predictions and humiliated Hillary Clinton and her fan club, the national media, Tur writes:

“The room goes wavy. My stomach churns. I can feel the bile in the back of my throat.”

Clearly no stranger to melodrama, while talking with Matt Lauer on NBC's Today show Tuesday to promote her book, Tur used the words “jarring” and “scary” to describe the effects of Trump criticizing her coverage during his campaign. In response to Trump calling her “dishonest” from the podium, she said: “It was one of those feelings that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to shake…We had to have armed security…The concern was, ‘What if there’s one person in that crowd who might take this too seriously? Who might feel like this is not just a show or part of the act and take it further?’”

Almost a year into Trump’s presidency, it seems that the national media still can’t accept that he won. Trump defied expectations and genuinely galvanized the American people. But to many on the left, it’s “a show;” it’s an “act.” To those of us outside of their bubble, it is the news media who are truly unbelievable.