Leftists and Satanists Fight for More Abortions in Missouri

Wonder Twin Powers, PACtivate!

Previously renowned as the home of Mark Twain, the Pony Express, and the Gateway Arch, Missouri is headed for a new and very different claim to fame: partnering with Satanists to expand abortion.

How things have changed in the "Show Me State." In 1986, Missouri became the first state to require abortion doctors to attain admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. This meant that if no local hospital wanted to become embroiled in abortion politics, the abortionist was out of luck. Many states followed suit, and for years, due also to legal mandates for abortion offices to meet surgical center standards, the growth of clinics was restrained.

However, last year the Supreme Court overturned similar restrictions in Texas, which set a legal precedent. In addition, a federal judge ruled on the side of Planned Parenthood in April, which removed two restrictions in Missouri.

Now, in addition to Planned Parenthood, four abortion clinics are moving into the state, and expansion is set to provide abortion services in St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia, Joplin, and Springfield.

As the clinics move forward in light of decreasing restrictions, they are being bolstered by a startling but not-altogether-unlikely ally: Satanism. On Monday, the Satanic Temple in Missouri argued in state court that current abortion restrictions violate the free practice of religion. The temple is challenging two laws: one which requires patients to look at information which opposes abortion, and one stipulating a 72-hour period between a consultation and the actual abortion.

The Satanist at the center of the suit claims the laws placed a “substantial burden” on her by forcing her to face information indicating that abortion “will terminate the life of a separate, unique, living human being.” State and federal suits were filed in 2015, with the federal case being tossed in 2016 due to the fact that the plaintiff was no longer pregnant.

In the fight over abortion, it must be comforting to know that your stance aligns you with Satan.

Change your course, Missouri, before it’s too late.