Chef Anthony Bourdain Would Like to Serve Poison to President Trump

Taste the tolerance.

American chef Anthony Bourdain (Parts Unknown) was asked by TMZ what he would serve for dinner if he was asked to cater a meal for President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. His answer was pretty harsh for at least one of those leaders.

From his personal list of culinary delights, Bourdain said he would select hemlock as the main dish — the poisonous plant used long ago in executions, most notably in Ancient Greece and given to Socrates after he was condemned to death.

“If Trump and Kim Jong-un were to have a bit of a summit to try and mend relations, and they wanted you to cater, what would you serve?” the TMZ cameraman asked.

“Hemlock,” Bourdain said with a smile and without skipping a beat.

Now, that wouldn’t be such a bad idea for the North Korean leader, whom Bourdain called a “chubby, evil, little f***,” because he is a tyrant that is threatening nuclear war. But lumping Trump in with someone like that is about as low-class as Madonna threatening to blow up the White House.

Once, Bourdain was asked if he would dine with Trump, a fellow New Yorker. Bourdain said, “Absolutely f***ing not.” But he took former President Obama out for some Vietnamese fare last year and raved about how cool he was with CNN's Anderson Cooper.

Bourdain didn't limit his hatred for Trump just to killing him, he was also upset that Twitter suspended his Bourdain Books account because it promoted a new rock and roll memoir called, Adios, Motherf***er

“Apparently Twitter’s cool with Nazis, but not with motherf***er,” Bourdain said.

The chef shrugged in agreement when the TMZ cameraman added, “I mean, the president tweets horrible stuff, yet, you tweeting the title of your book and they suspend it?"

“What can I tell ya?” Bourdain responded.

Not much of substance, apparently.