MSM Shamelessly Aggrandizing Trump Protests

Despite admitting that the vast majority of rallies and protesters are peaceful.

The mainstream media is providing 'round-the-clock coverage of the sudden, and seemingly spontaneous, violence that erupted during this last weekend's rallies for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. However, as David Horowitz explained in detail, these mobs aren't spontaneous at all, but rather well-funded mobs organized by George Soros's

ABC News' Jonathan Karl and George Stephanopoulos have spent much time playing and replaying the clashes between protesters and Trump supporters, while at the same time admitting that the vast majority of rallies for the Republican front-runner are peaceful events. But, of course, showing American's exercising their right to free speech and to peacefully protest is not going to grab a viewer's attention like people punching each other:

CNN has been even bolder by not only looping the footage, but by airing a face-to-face, in-depth interview with the protester who jumped the guard rail at the Ohio rally on Saturday that caused Trump's security team to surround him at the podium. Would CNN be so willing to sit down so intimately with someone who rushed at President Obama? Would they give a voice to that criminal and help them explain that they were simply airing their "political grievances"?

Meanwhile, MSNBC doesn't really see a connection with the sudden and highly-organized protests, preferring to celebrate them as a "grassroots" uprisings, just like those in Ferguson or any of the other Black Lives Matter protests:



Expect to see more of the same from here on out as this type of coverage -- encouragement, really -- continues to prove that if you attack Trump, you're likely to get your face plastered on national television for days on end. What leftist could resist that?


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