Major Networks Refuse to Report Poll Showing Trump, GOP Ratings Rising

"They can't handle the truth."

This just in: Republican approval is growing, while the Democrats see setbacks in the realm of public opinion. The survey results were released at the beginning of the news day, yet conspicuously, the media forgot to mention it.

According to a Politico report Wednesday, President Trump's approval rating is now at 47 percent, the highest since April. In addition, the poll showed that Republicans are generally besting Democrats: 43 percent said they trusted the GOP to handle the economy, compared to 32 percent concerning Dems. As for handling job growth, Republicans scored a 9-point advantage over their across-the-aisle political peers; regarding national security, the party of Lincoln led by 19 points.

As Republicans showed to be winning with the citizenry, key Democratic figures fared poorly. Nancy Pelosi, for example, earned a 49 percent unfavorable opinion and only a 28 percent approval.

Despite the newsworthiness of the survey -- which was released early in the morning, with plenty of time for the major networks to cover the story -- mum was the word across the left-wing dial. 
Conversely, mainstream media outlets were quick to trumpet any decline of polled approval related to the Trump administration over the last year.

Trump's ratings did get at least one mention, by token conservative Meghan McCain of The View. After more cackling over the Stormy Daniels issue, McCain brought up the ratings as an illustration of how disconnected the left-wing show is from mainstream America:

"[Allegations of Trump's 2006 tryst with porn star Daniels], while we obviously have talked about it at length on this show and a lot of people are upset, I still go back to the old ‘it's the economy stupid,’ there's one person agreeing with me. Clearly this isn't resonating in the same way it does with us quite frankly."

Surely, that lack of resonance is to the chagrin of the leftist media. They continue to try and dismantle Donald Trump's presidency; nevertheless he persists, whether they are objective enough to report it or not.