MSM Finally Clue In That Obama's ISIS Strategy is Terrible

He is getting called out left and right by the left!

President Obama's comments at the G20 Summit in Turkey has left the mainstream media in a state of unbelief at how terrible his ISIS strategy is. It may be well too little too late -- after all, he's been at this for seven years -- but it's high time the major news networks say something.

TruthRevolt's Caleb Howe pointed out earlier that CNN's Christiane Amanpour came away with serious doubts about what the president had to say on behalf of the latest acts of terrorism. She is not at all convinced that Obama is correct when he said ISIS is contained when "they have just slaughtered 129 people in Paris." Howe summarized his article correctly: "Mr. President, if you've lost Amanpour …"

Another CNN reporter went directly at Obama during the session. Senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta confronted the president in asking this blunt question: "Why can't we take out these bastards?" Acosta had just reminded Obama that he considered them the "JV team." Watch this great question, and the resulting weak answer:



NBC's Chuck Todd was "struck" by Obama's "defensive tone" when answering questions about his (non-)strategy. Todd added that the media's tone in the press conference was a reflection of public sentiment, whether Parisian or American, and noted that Obama's defensiveness was "an odd decision:"



Earlier this morning, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough played a bone-chilling clip from last month's season premier of Showtime's Homeland, which in no uncertain terms completely nailed Obama's inaction on Islamic terrorism. One of the show's characters, agent Peter Quinn, delivers the harsh reality, almost prophetically, at least a month before the Paris attacks. Transcript from the Daily Mail:

In a debriefing at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, Quinn is asked by one official whether the U.S. should renew their program in Syria and he says they should, without elaborating. 

When the official pushes Quinn to explain if their strategy is 'working', Quinn snaps and asks: 'What strategy? Tell me what the strategy is and I'll tell you if it's working'.

The table of policy makers goes quiet, launching Quinn into a monologue about the gathering storm in Syria. 

'See, that right there is the problem, because they - they have a strategy,' Quinn says. 'They're gathering right now in Raqqa by the tens of thousands, hidden in the civilian population, cleaning their weapons and they know exactly why they're there.' 

'Why is that?' the CIA official asks. 

'They're there for one reason and one reason only: to die for the Caliphate and usher in a world without infidels,' Quinn responds. 

'That's their strategy and it's been that way since the seventh century. So do you really think that a few special forces teams are going to put a dent in that?' 

The CIA official then asks Quinn what he suggests they do, and he gives options: put 200,000 American troops on the ground indefinitely to support 'an equal number of doctors and elementary school teachers' or 'hit reset' by bombing Raqqa 'into a parking lot'. 

After the clip played, Scarborough said he happened to watch that episode the morning after Paris was struck and deemed it "unbelievably telling," because he realizes ISIS does have a strategy, unlike Obama. Watch that clip via Facebook here.

The reaction to the president's weakness over at Fox News was not one of surprise, but angering none-the-less. Host Bill Hemmer, which the Free Beacon notes is normally upbeat, railed Obama for calling Paris a "setback" and mournfully reported that the president strategy will indeed continue: