Scarborough Nails Clinton Apologist Over Wiped E-mails

"Nobody would take George W. Bush or Dick Cheney's word for it."

On Sunday's Meet the Press on NBC, Joe Scarborough, uncharacteristically, did an extraordinary job at silencing Clinton sycophant Neera Tanden, who was on the hyper-defensive over Hillary Clinton's wiped e-mails.

Tanden, who is president of Center for American Progress and worked in Hillary's 2008 campaign, said the current investigation into Clinton's e-mails is just a carry over from Benghazi. "[B]ecause [Republicans] didn't find the e-mails they wanted to find showing she did something," Tanden said.

Scarborough barked, even taking Chuck Todd to task for saying Clinton's actions made "perfect sense:"

Scarborough: Oh, come on! The e-mails were under subpoena at the time she destroyed them. And saying it makes perfect sense means Pat Buchanan's still saying it makes perfect sense that Nixon should've burned the tapes. These e-mails were under subpoena when she destroyed them.

Tanden: Yes, and she turned over 55,000…

Todd stepped in saying he understands Republican overreach as well as the Clinton protective bubble, but asked if this is what Americans can look forward to in 2016.

Tanden: I think the fact that we are obsessed with this scandal, etcetera, is the kind of thing people hate about Washington. 

Scarborough: We're not obsessed about it, we're just asking a question. When you have e-mails and records that are under subpoena you decide unilaterally, first of all, to set up your own system, and then you decide unilaterally to wipe out that entire system when they're under subpoena.

Tanden: Number one, she's turned over all the State Department e-mails...

Scarborough: No she hasn't.

Todd: By her own words...

Tanden: Number two, everybody in government has personal e-mail. They make a decision what's personal, what's not. That's true for everybody. She's releasing the State Department e-mails -- that's going beyond what everyone else has done. Finally I would say, look, when she runs for president -- assuming she runs -- she'll be able to talk about these issues, but more importantly, she'll be able to talk about the issues that people care about.

As the chaotic segment closed, Scarborough's comments rang over Tanden's: "We don't know if a single thing you said is correct or not. Because you're taking Hillary Clinton's word for it. Nobody would take George W. Bush or Dick Cheney's word for it. If Dick Cheney said, 'You know what? I kept all of my war e-mails at home and I got everything you need.'"