Morning Joe Hosts Agree: Football Teaches Misogyny To Children

It's not an incident, it's a culture.

On Tuesday, MSNBC's Morning Joe crew discussed the growing controversy surrounding the domestic abuse committed by Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice. With the recent release of new video from the elevator where Rice struck his wife, questions are being raised about what the NFL knew and just when they knew it. Mika, Joe, and Joy, however, took the question a step further. Mika put it in stark terms:

It is a culture that clearly puts up with domestic violence. It is a culture that puts up with and accepts, and even supports domestic violence. I don't think I need to say it again, and I meant everything I said. But the NFL supports domestic violence.

At that point, Joy Reid added her view that it is not merely the team, or the NFL, but the very sport itself that is to blame:

I think it's not just a culture that is restricted to the NFL. This is football culture. .. Football culture is a problem from pee-wee football on up. Football players are being coddled for misogynistic behavior from high school on. It is not just the NFL. This is a culture that is being bred from childhood.

After the clip posted above the hosts generally agreed, adding in that in the NFL, what matters is money and the bottom line, although it was not explained how that related to pee-wee football.