More Roy Moore Aftermath: NY Daily News Attacks Alabama Coach Nick Saban for Not Stumping for Dems

"Nick Saban is a Clueless, Gutless, Selfish Coward for his Silence on Roy Moore.”

Continuing the left-wing trend of demanding that all public figures proclaim allegiance to the Democratic Party, New York Daily News sometimes-sports writer Chuck Modiano lambasts long-time University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban in his Thursday column for not publicly voicing opposition to Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore.

In a head-scratching, scathing critique, Modiano’s headline says it all:

"Nick Saban is a Clueless, Gutless, Selfish Coward for his Silence on Roy Moore.” 

Wow. Once again, Modiano is a sportswriter. Talking about a football coach. What happened to just...sports?

In the first lines of his article, Modiano reaffirms his absurdly insulting title:

“The words in this title…are written precisely as intended when America’s highest paid public employee of great mass influence can’t render public opinion on Roy Moore.”

Ridiculous. And so, we find once again that the Left cannot allow for anyone or anything to exist outside their own talking points and activism. Modiano explains:

"Nick Saban is not just any coach or employee. At over $11 million a year, he makes more money than all U.S. workers employed by a local or state government. He is a public servant who works at a public university as an alleged leader of college 'students.'"

Therefore, Saban has a moral responsibility to preach Democratic politics? To the state that pays his salary -- the state which consists primarily of Republicans?

That is absolutely the case, according to Moriano, who feels the need teach the most successful college coach in America about real responsibility:

"The lead-up to Roy Moore and Doug Jones' election Tuesday should have been Saban’s shining career moment to show true leadership and humanity."

Again, he is a football coach — he coordinates college students to run in the grass and throw a ball to each other. What in the world does that have to do with politics? But this is the Left: they envision one world, with one party, serving one master: the fascist government they create.

Still, it is possible that, in the eyes of Alabamians, Moriano's greatest sin isn't his fascistic politics. Regardless of his party affiliation, he attacked the coach of the Crimson Tide. You don't do that in Alabama.