More 'Comedy' From the Left: Trump Is Sex Toy That Should Try Breast Feeding

"And Palin is the HPV of politics."

Here we go -- more of what the Left considers "comedy."

George Carlin was a great comic of our time, and I say that as a conservative who too often disagreed with the political content he often worked into his routines. But he made me laugh, and that is because his humor was thoughtful and betrayed a genuine grasp of our culture, current affairs, and that which drives human nature. 

He would be rolling over in his grave to see the vapid, low-brow, puerile invectives that so-called "comedians" try to pass off as humor these days. Not because they're vulgar (Carlin was plenty vulgar; the difference is, his was not gratuitous), but because they simply aren't funny. 

Case in point: three of the late-night comedy shows provided expert analysis of yesterday's third and final presidential debate. True students of politics, pop culture and our human experience could have crafted cutting observations of both candidates. After all, what better way to roast the butt of your joke than with wit? 

Alas, the comedic brain trust at Comedy Central, CBS and ABC are incapable of more than mere potty humor and Sarah Palin insults. The hosts and guests likened Trump to a sex toy, said that he should try breast feeding, and invoked Sarah Palin as the political equivalent of the Human Papilloma Virus -- just because, what better way to fool an ignorant audience into thinking you have talent than to throw out a hackneyed Sarah Palin insult? 

Newsbusters provides detail and video:

The likes of Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert and Jo and guests offered vulgar jokes comparing Donald Trump to a sex toy, phone sex operator, and man who needs breast feeding while dubbing Trump debate guest “Sarah Palin is the HPV of American politics.”

Comedy Central’s The Daily Show was the first to air at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and host Trevor Noah employed his most eyebrow-raising joke in the very first minute about Trump being a “giant, novelty dildo was on stage behind the podium” before moving onto a more routine recap of the debate.

“It was appropriate for the debate to be in Las Vegas since this was America's night to let loose, let loose before she settles down and makes a commitment to one person. This was like a Bachlorette party except the giant, novelty dildo was on stage behind the podium,” Noah exclaimed.

Colbert quickly went into the gutter to the amusement of the audience and sidekick Jon Batiste of Stay Human as he quipped that “[i]f Donald Trump is the mood for a peaceful transfer of power or if he's just going to wipe his fat ass with the Constitution.”

British actor Hugh Laurie chimed in to say that Trump should try "breast feeding."

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