‘Mohammed’ On Course to Top 10 Baby Names in Germany

Thanks, Angela Merkel!

Now matter how it's spelled, “Mohammed,” “Mohamad,” “Muhammad,” or even “Mehmet,” the name of Islam’s prophet is well on its way to cracking the top ten most popular baby names in Germany.

Thanks to the hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees that Chancellor Angela Merkel has allowed to flow through Germany’s borders, “Mohammed” will be in the top ten in the next four years, according to Andrea Ewels of the Society for German Language.

The phenomenon isn’t restricted to Germany. Mass migration has become the leading factor in population growth in other Western European countries, as well. In Vienna, Austria, Mohammed became the third most popular baby name in 2017, up from 5th place. In England and Wales, Mohammed, and it’s various spellings, is the most popular boy’s name. Breitbart London states that Mohammed is “for the fifth year running, the most popular boy’s name in London and the West Midlands.”

Well, one thing is for sure, it's going to make the police's job much easier in identifying jihadists.