German Children’s Program Showed Relationship Between Teen, Adult Migrant

Almost a how-to for refugees to pick up girls.

In November, a documentary aired on a children’s state television station in Germany that featured a budding love relationship between a 16-year-old German girl and a Muslim refugee who was thought to be around 16 years old also. It was later revealed that the Muslim boy was actually 19 years old and there are further allegations that he could be 20 or older, according to a Breitbart London report.

The documentary, Malvina, Diaa and Love, has been panned as “propaganda” because it shows a domineering Syrian adult, Diaa, grooming young Malvina. Though she is portrayed as “madly in love” with Diaa, he has asserted control over Malvina and is tells her what is expected behavior under Islam:

“I must not put on short things, always only long things,” Malvina said in the programme to which Diaa explained: “I can not accept such a thing that my wife looks like this. This is totally difficult for Arab men.”

“He came and said that pork is not so good. I also stopped eating pork,” she added.

“I grew up in an Islamic-Arab culture. I believe in my culture and my religion,” Diaa said and added: “Religion gives you rules. Without this religion, you have no rules and without rules, you have no life.”

The station on which it aired is called Kika and is aimed at viewers between the ages of 3 and 13. Critics say the documentary promotes Islamisation and almost serves as a how-to for refugees trying to pick up German girls.

As Breitbart’s report noted, Germany’s government-funded Workers’ Welfare Association likes the idea of local girls and Muslim refugees getting together in the name of “integration” so much that they once invited a “well-known ‘flirt coach’” to improve the migrants’ game.

And with a documentary like this airing on children’s television, elementary school girls will be ready for their burkas before they graduate high school.