Miami Dolphins to Fund Social Justice Programs

" use sports as a way to drive social progress and make substantial change in our community.”

Because nothing can just be fun anymore, the Miami Dolphins have recently launched programs to fund social justice initiatives, Campus Reform reports.

The NFL team will be doing this in two ways, the first of which is their Project Change Scholarship. Last week, the Dolphins said in a press release that the scholarship will pay for a student's college tuition for four years:

To be eligible for the Project Change Scholarship, students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher and complete at least 40 hours of community service a semester in social just programs. Students interested in applying must write an essay on what change they want to see in the community and how the scholarship will achieve that change. Acceptance into a community college or university is necessary.

The second initiative is a “social justice grant program” meant "to impact organizations in need that are involved in community engagement, education or justice reform."

Jason Jenkins, the senior vice president of communications and community affairs for the team, told Campus Reform:

“When we launched these programs last November, the goal was to identify and recognize groups focused on community engagement, education, and justice reform. It was important to Stephen Ross, our players, and members of the organization to use sports as a way to drive social progress and make substantial change in our community.”

Businesses, teams, and other organizations have long given back to their communities through grants and educational programs. In the woke landscape of 2018, they are walking a minefield in choosing what to support. Social justice is pretty much the only buzzword they can choose that won't get protesters outside their stadium.