Melissa Harris-Perry Should Have Been Out Ages Ago, and Here's a Sampling of Why

Hey, hey, hey, goodbye...

As reported earlier at TruthRevolt, Melissa Harris-Perry has been officially let go by MSNBC, and it couldn't have happened to a more deserving show. As you can see in the Grabien montage above, there are many embarrassing moments that MSNBC has had to live with over the seasons thanks to MHP and her panels of craziness.

We have documented a lot here at TruthRevolt that would have been ample cause. Remember when MHP wanted to confiscate legal guns from legal gun owners because men who legally own guns can't stop shooting their wives all the time, she said? Or when she said the NBA was selling black bodies, just like slavery did? Or that the minimum wage kills people in cars? Yeah.

You can read more about America's "foremost intellectual" in our Media Hall of Shame.

If she has another show, possibly on Russia Today in the tradition of her fellow failed MSNBC hosts, now you know exactly what to expect. But in the meantime, Saturday and Sunday will be just a little bit less crazy, and a little bit less fun, in that kind of terrible "let's enjoy the end of the world together" sense of the word fun.

Oh what the heck, here's one more for the road: