Melissa Harris-Perry: Confiscate Legal Guns So Men Stop Shooting Wives

"They wouldn’t if they did not have them."

Guns are the hot topic this week in the ongoing collaboration between President Obama, candidate Hillary, and the mainstream media. And this weekend, MSNBC's never-disappointing Melissa Harris-Perry once again revealed the beating heart of the "common-sense gun laws" movement. Which is to say, their push for total confiscation.

Perry was conducting a panel on gun control and suggested to her law enforcement guest that law enforcement should be the first to demand gun confiscation, because right now they have to assume any citizen might be armed. After being confronted with the fact that the criminals who police are faced with are normally using illegal guns, Harris-Perry parries that men are shooting their wives with "perfectly legal guns."

Jon Shane: Well, you do have a lot of Second Amendment officers. I happen to favor carrying a gun myself. I don’t think there’s much wrong with it. The reality is how are we going to keep the illegal guns away from people? It’s a very easy thing to do to keep guns …

Harris-Perry: A lot of people shoot their wives with perfectly legal guns.

Shane: And?

Harris-Perry: So they wouldn’t if they did not have them. So, so …

Shane: But we’re not going to take guns away from people. We’re just going to make it harder for law-abiding citizens to get them.

"They wouldn't if they did not have them."

Townhall's Matt Vespa adds: "And the anti-gun left wonders why they haven’t had much success with selling their horrible gun policies to the American people."

Indeed. The President today said that his executive action is not some secret move to confiscate guns, but of course that is exactly what every progressive hopes and moreover believes that the President was signaling today with his executive action and speech.

The gun control lobby, the advocates, which include without question the entire mainstream media, deeply believe that private gun ownership is a bad thing that should be abolished. They will not stop trying to do exactly that. Melissa Harris-Perry just happened to accidentally say it out loud.