First Full Minute of Obamas’ Last Christmas Message is FLOTUS Making Fun of POTUS

Can you feel the love?

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama sat down for their final Christmas weekly address on Saturday, but before the couple got into the meat of the message, Mrs. Obama spent a full minute poking fun at her husband.

Obama said he needed some help to get through this year's video and turned it over to his wife. 

“Now, given how our first Christmas weekly address went, I realized that Barack needed all the help he could get,” she said, before showing a clip of their first time doing the video eight years when the president was very giggly.

“Stop,” Mrs. Obama exclaimed in the December 2009 outtake video. “You’ve got to stop it. All right, you’ve got to get it together. You’re going to have to pull it together, POTUS.”

Then, after the clip, FLOTUS was remarking how many people had visited the White House during their tenure, how many “holiday” cookies were baked for those guests by their chefs, and then jabbed her husband for torturing us with his boring jokes throughout the years.

“And Barack has treated the American people to countless dad jokes,” Mrs. Obama said.

“They’re great jokes,” the president said in defense.

“Not so funny,” she added.

“Although, a few got a frosty reception,” Obama quipped.

“Oh, the last one,” FLOTUS said through a faked smile.

But after deriding the president, the first family got on with their Christmas message which essentially echoed the one Obama gave at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Namely, that the central message of Jesus’s birth is “boundless love, compassion, and hope” and they explicitly assign that to Muslim refugees and to employing The Golden Rule, big government-style.

“The idea that we are our brothers’ keeper and our sisters’ keeper,” FLOTUS said. “That we should treat others as we would want to be treated. That we care for the sick, feed the hungry, welcome the stranger no matter where they come from or how they practice their faith.”

“Those are values that help guide not just my family’s Christian faith, but that of Jewish Americans and Muslim Americans, non-believers and Americans of all backgrounds,” the president added. 

Of course, sprinkled in the middle of the video was the obligatory nod to the Obama legacy which has been a staple in his final addresses to the nation.