Merry Christmas from Lena Dunham: Poses as a Topless Mermaid

"We wish you a mermaid Christmas."

Actress Lena Dunham can't even let people enjoy their Christmas without posting another tasteless photo on social media.

Convinced that people can't get enough of seeing her in various states of nudity, Dunham wished people a Merry Christmas, or "Mermaid Christmas" as she put it, on social media by posting a topless photo of herself as a beached mermaid. 

"And then she got her holiday wish aka her lifelong wish… we wish you a mermaid Christmas," Dunham captioned the snap.

Dunham, of course, became a feminist celebrity after frequently exposing herself on her HBO show Girls. Unfortunately for viewers, she has a repellent combination of compulsive exhibitionism, complete lack of shame, and a positive body self-image.

To promote abortion, an abomination she recently said she regrets not ever having, she later posted another naked photo of herself in a bathtub alongside her then-pregnant co-star Jemima Kirke.

We're uncertain whether Dunham really does believe people want to see her nude or she just enjoys scarring everyone for life.