Meghan McCain: 'Washington Is Getting So Many Things Wrong About Young People'

Tells Time she hopes her new show can help

A popular refrain sounds again: White-haired Washington politicians just don't get millennials -- the future thinkers and doers of America.

Speaking to Time at the Time/People pre-White House Correspondents' Association dinner cocktail party Friday, Meghan McCain, daughter of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), said, "Washington is getting so many things wrong about young people." She added, "Washington in not having a nuanced conversation about young people." Her advice to politicians: "Start paying more attention to the demographic."

McCain hopes that her new upcoming show TakePart Live on the Pivot Network will reach this under-represented resource. The show will air weekdays at midnight and will address issues like feminism, bullying and veterans, as Politico reports. Network president Evan Shapiro praised McCain for her ability to be timely, as he told Politico, "The best thing that Meghan does is she reacts to the zeitgeist in a very distinctive way."

McCain's previous attempt at a show on Pivot, Raising McCain, lasted only one season.