Jets Receiver: White Players 'Treated Differently' in NFL

"This is not just my opinion."

New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall said Tuesday that white players, particularly white quarterbacks, get special treatment in the NFL. "This is not just my opinion," said Marshall, saying players are saying that "across the States."

Marshall's comments came on Showtime's "Inside the NFL" Tuesday when the star receiver was talking about possible reasons Judge Richard M. Berman decided to overturn Tom Brady's four-game suspension.

"White players, specifically at the quarterback position, are treated differently," said Marshall, saying in response to a question from host Adam Schein that black players "absolutely" feel that they are held to different standards than whites "at times."

Saying that he felt it was his "role" on the show to provide perspective from the locker room, Marshall added that his view on the unequal treatment of black players is a nationwide. 

"This is not just from our locker room; this is from the locker rooms across the States," said Marshall. "This is how guys are feeling. This is not just my opinion. These are conversations I'm having with guys."

"It's just not African-American players," added Marshall. "I've had this conversation with Caucasian players as well."

Regarding to the NFL's disciplinary policies, Marshall said in the end players "just want the process to be fair and right."

The Deflategate saga took an unexpected turn last week when Judge Berman ruled against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, a decision that has resulted in strengthened calls for a revision of the players union-approved agreement empowering the commissioner to determine important disciplinary actions. 

Partial transcript via CBS News-NY