Meghan McCain Warns 'The View' Co-Hosts: Understand Why Trump Won or Lose Next Election Too

"When you call Republicans ‘Hitler,' at a certain point if you cry wolf long enough, the beast shows up."

In Thursday’s heated debate on The View, Meghan McCain stuck it to her left-wing co-hosts for missing the obvious lessons of the 2016 election, cautioning them that the penance for missed lessons is repeated mistakes.

Seeds of Thursday’s tussle were planted Tuesday, when Sunny Hostin remarked about the election:

"I feel better that [Hillary Clinton] won the popular vote, because that tells me that the majority of Americans understand that racism is wrong, that otherism is wrong, and that a woman can lead.”

As previously stated by TruthRevolt, her “majority of Americans” reference flew in the face of reality: Hillary only received 26% of the vote among registered U.S. voters. As for the other elements of her statement — those that essentially labeled Trump supporters as scum — they didn’t sit well with Meghan.

Subsequently, the following day, McCain criticized Hostin (who was out for the day) for her suggestion that people chose Trump over Hillary because they lacked virtue:

"The implication is that all people that voted for President Trump [did so] because they're racist or because they're misogynist."

Back from her day off, on Thursday, Hostin denied that she had categorized Trump supporters as such:

"I do not think that all Trump voters are racist, and I didn't say that. I have friends, I have family, I have colleagues that voted for Trump, and so I don't think those people are racist. I think they're good people.”

Nevertheless, Hostin went on to castigate Trump supporters for their behavior during The Donald’s presidential campaign:

"The list goes on and on and on, so when people hear that and look the other way and not only look the other way, but vote for him, regardless of their personal motivation whether it be race, whether it be personal financial gain, I think you're somewhat complicit in that…You don't have to be a racist to allow racism to flourish.”

McCain volleyed back with the notion that she understands “Red America,” and that people voted for Trump, not because they were racist, but because they felt ignored by Obama. She added that the 2016 election was, to some degree, about poverty.

Further along in the episode, Meghan called her role on the show an “intense challenge,” saying that she “tries very hard every day” to explain “her people” on the talk show.

“Which are your people?” wacky Joy Behar questioned, to which McCain replied:

“I consider red-state people my people.”

After prodding from her co-hosts, Meghan admitted that she did not vote for Trump, due to his comment that her senator father was “not a war hero.” Notwithstanding, as a Republican, she made efforts, she said, to understand those who voted for Obama, in order to determine the changes her party needed to make for the next election cycle. This was, according to McCain, what those on the left should be doing, but aren’t:

"I don't think the same respect is being done to Trump no matter how much you hate him, and I get it. Trust me, I get how much everybody hates Trump…I understand, but I'm just saying that you are doomed to repeat the same mistakes that you did in 2016 if you think it's only about ‘you're complicit as this voter.’”

She also called out Democrats for their vicious name-calling: "When you call George W. Bush ‘Hitler,' when you call my father ‘Hitler,' when you call Mitt Romney ‘Hitler,' at a certain point if you cry wolf long enough, the beast shows up." McCain said. "So I'm sitting here telling you that we have to find some common ground here."

McCain's warning was astute. Will the Democrats listen? It's unlikely; they have yet to even accept that Trump won.