Meghan McCain Asks Schiff To Back Up His Collusion Claims, He Can't

"That looks a lot like collusion to me."

On Thursday's edition of The View, the hosts welcomed Democratic California Representative Adam Schiff. A longtime, outspoken believer in the conspiracy theory of Russia-Trump election collusion, Schiff was taken to task about his commitment to the idea -- despite a complete lack of evidence -- by the show's token conservative, Meghan McCain.

The host couldn't have been clearer with her question:

"I think, at this time, it's difficult for me and many Americans to differentiate between what is overhype and what isn't. You've said on more than one occasion that you've seen ample evidence of the Trump campaign's Russia collusion. Last March, you said you had more than circumstantial evidence of treasonous collusion with Russia. What specifically were you referring to? And please be specific, because if it's true, I do believe Americans have the right to know a year later what that is."

Schiff was wordy with his answer, yet he provided no reason to believe President Donald Trump colluded with Russia in order to rig the 2016 presidential election:

“I certainly said that there’s ample evidence of collusion. I've never used the word treason...but if you look at the facts that are already in the public domain, they’re pretty damning starting with George Papadopoulos.”


“We know that Papadopoulos was approached by the Russians and told back in April of the election year -- even before the Clinton campaign knew -- that the Russians had stolen DNC e-mails."


"And we also know that they previewed...the anonymous dissemination of those e-mails with Papadopoulos back in April. Now, it was only weeks later that the Russians made a second approach to the Trump campaign, this time at the highest levels at Trump Tower, in a meeting that they previewed by saying that they wanted to offer incriminating information about Hillary.”

Still no collusion...

McCain interrupted:

"Just, can I ask you -- is it enough for (Special Counsel for the U.S. Department of Justice) Mueller to bring charges? Because, if it isn't enough to bring charges, what does that mean? Charges of collusion?"

Schiff replied with a refutation of his own contention:

"Bob Mueller will make the decision whether there is proof beyond a reasonable doubt to indict and convict people. It is not his responsibility to tell the country what happened...It's the job of the Congress to tell the American people what happened, whether it reaches the standard beyond a reasonable doubt, or we merely find clear and convincing evidence of collusion."

Wait -- Schiff was stating that, not only has "proof beyond a reasonable doubt" continued to allude investigators, but there has not even been the discovery of "clear and convincing evidence" of wrongdoing. How, therefore, can he persist with the assertion that the President is guilty of Russian collusion? He continued:

"So it's important, I think, that we set out the facts for the public...Now, bear in mind that meeting in Trump Tower...Don Jr. is told, 'Hey, at the highest levels, ultra-sensitive, we have information [indecipherable] Hillary Clinton as part of the Russian government effort to help Donald Trump.'"

Still no collusion. Nevertheless, the left-wing congressman declared, "That looks a lot like collusion to me."

Left-wing co-host Sunny Hostin attempted to bolster Schiff's argument:

"And you're a former federal prosecutor."

McCain wasn't buying it:

"I just think if Mueller doesn't end up charging him, it's a lot of smoke and mirrors."

McCain is right -- if the Left had any possible way to use Russian collusion to unseat Donald Trump from power, they would surely do so. The fact that a probe which began in July 2016 has found nothing to incriminate the President says a lot. But not to Jeff Flake -- he and his left-wing comrades continue to hope that their worst nightmare will soon be over. Meanwhile, the rest of us sleep like babies.