Media Hall of Shame: Well Of Course, Chris Matthews

This nomination sends a thrill up our leg.

He is the granddaddy of all crazy leftist MSNBC shows. Chris Matthews is a legend in his own time, a standard against which all of the other borderline personalities on MSNBC are judged. It almost goes without saying that he would be a TruthRevolt Media Hall of Shame inductee, but we're going to say it anyway.

With the far left politics of Al Sharpton and Lawrence O'Donnell on the network, Chris Matthews has gained an almost respectable air by comparison. He has moments where he breaks from the liberal orthodoxy, it's true, and some where he just goes off the reservation altogether. But his core politics are abundantly, leg-tinglingly clear. He is a committed leftist in true form, and is a journalist only as a secondary and partial concern. A hobby. His base mission is now, as it always has been, to be the Phil Donahue of "news" coverage. A bombastic blowhard who has as his primary goal in life the advancement of the "progressive" cause. 

By his own remarkable admission, Matthews' politics were solidified in his twenties. In an ad for MSNBC he once stated, "[Y]ou can expect me to fight for the causes that stirred me in my twenties when passions rose, minds were set, and life’s missions accepted.” And that is where he has stayed for the last 50 years, which included careers as a speech writer for Jimmy Carter and Chief of Staff for Tip O'Neil. 

For the last eight years, Matthews, beginning with that thrill up his leg, has been an Obama apologist. But now that the president is as close to being out of office as he has ever been, the thrill is almost gone. And thus, Matthews has to point those passions somewhere. So, naturally he targets Republicans, but currently, it's directed mostly at Donald Trump.

But that's not to say he's off the Obama bandwagon. Not even close. As an example: After the last Republican debate, Matthews was eager to paint Trump as a racist for having said in the past that Barack Obama isn't a legitimate president. Trump refused to comment any further, saying he doesn't talk about that anymore. But that was in no way satisfactory to the MSNBC host, who pressed and pressed but got nowhere. The already uncomfortable interview turned painful right at the end, as Matthews was reduced to whining at an unfazed Trump for holding an opinion about the president:

I do think [saying Obama isn't a legitimate president] is a blemish. I think it's your original sin. Because I'm an American and I think our president should be respected. And I think there's a little ethnic aspect to it. I don't like it. He's African-American and we're saying he's not a real president. I don't like that. It's not a good thing about you. 




He was so fired up about this, he continued ranting on Hardball:


Trump Ally: Birther issue still going on

"The presumption that some white Kansas woman went over to Africa for the particular purpose of having her baby born over she could sneak back to this kid, who she named Barack Hussein Obama, as part of her plan to make him president. The whole thing is looney tune...unless you're playing the ethnic card here." -- Chris Matthews

Posted by Hardball with Chris Matthews on Thursday, December 17, 2015


Thursday, Matthews was playing a game of "Who Said It: Trump or Putin?" Here is a clip:


Who said it: Putin or Trump?

Can you guess who said it: Vladimir Putin or Donald Trump?

Posted by Hardball with Chris Matthews on Thursday, December 17, 2015


Then, it was Trump's "strong body language" at the debate that was bugging Matthews:


Did Trump's body language help?

Did Donald Trump's strong body language at this week's debate help him or hurt him?

Posted by Hardball with Chris Matthews on Thursday, December 17, 2015

Matthews did, in fact, talk with other Republican candidates this week, including Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee, but in those interviews, his one-track mindedness continually steered the focus to their feelings on Trump as the party's nominee. 

As for Democrats, Matthews gave a cursory nod to Hillary Clinton, but only in the context of Republicans "practically" calling her a co-president with Obama -- an association he wouldn't stand for. His team set up a montage from the debate to emphasize his point:


GOP: Obama, Clinton to blame for…well, everything

To hear the Republicans tell it, Hillary Clinton was practically a co-president with Barack Obama for the past seven years. Republicans over and over tied the former secretary of state to President Obama. Watch this:

Posted by Hardball with Chris Matthews on Wednesday, December 16, 2015


So, in the end, we're back to that thrill. It's clear -- he hasn't lost it one bit. There may be no cure at all. In fact, Matthews was quite defensive about his leg, telling MRC TV's Dan Joseph to "go to hell" when asked about it:



Hey, Chris! Don't worry. You can enjoy that tingle for at least 398 more days!