Chris Matthews Calls Johnson, Nunes ‘Munchkins’ with Defective Brains

"These congressmen and senators...they're not even staffers; they're operatives for the Trump crowd."

On MSNBC's Hardball Wednesday, Chris Matthews swapped objective journalism for agenda-driven schoolyard insults. While discussing the publishing of intelligence memos and texts related to the FBI investigation into Russian-Trump election collusion, the left-wing host called congressional Republicans Devin Nunes and Ron Johnson a "group of munchkins." Furthermore, Matthews said the two were being "pushed around and led around" by their own staff. Moreover, the representative from California and senator from Wisconsin, respectively, are "screwy":

“I don't think this guy Johnson looks like he’s that serious a person. I don't think Nunes is that serious a person. I look at these guys being pushed around and led around by their staff all looking for jobs at the White House. There's something screwy about these guys."

Great job at reporting the facts, Chris. 

Matthews added that neither congressman has much of a brain. Yes -- a "news" person actually said that:

“When you ask them a question, they don't seem to know their answer, they don't seem very clear-headed about it, or even that interested. They seem a little numb. And you go, 'Wait a minute -- if this guy's behind all this thing about writing up these memos and seems so intellectual, how come when you interview them on television, there's not much sort of brain power there?'"

In Matthews's view, these two small-brained, screwy munchkins are obviously simply pawns being moved by "operatives" working for the Trump administration:

"Somebody's pushing this thing for the White House...It's fascinating to watch. They bring this guy down, Nunes, down there, give him some material; they're using him like an operative...These congressmen and senators...they're not even staffers; they're operatives for the Trump crowd."

In Matthews's estimation, in fact, there is no longer a Republican party; there is only a group of White House puppets:

"I don't see a Republican Party. I hate to say it. They are quiet on the sidelines. Republicans are behaving like sideliners whereas this little group of people, the same group of munchkins running around back and forth...with paper saying, 'I've got something. I've got this thing.' This has been going on now for two or three months now."

Chris Matthews is, sadly, a typical example of contemporary network news. Despite his description of those in Congress, it is he who is an operative -- for the Democratic party. So long as MSNBC puts journalistic "munchkins" such as he on the air, the truth will remain drowned by agenda.