Media Hall of Shame: Keith Olbermann... for Being Keith Olbermann

And because he said Donald Trump with nukes is more dangerous than ISIS with nukes.

Because Keith Olbermann has a hard time controlling his childish, liberal tongue and because he can't seem to keep a job at any of the major networks despite them giving him chance after chance, he rightfully deserves a spot in TruthRevolt's Media Hall of Shame.

Since being ousted at ESPN for the second time last year, Olbermann has not found any new gainful employment and has only surfaced to launch an all-out assault against Donald Trump. He has written his own "Guide to Surviving the Media Coverage of Donald Trump" and moved out of his apartment that was housed in a building owned by Trump in New York City. He said he "ran out of spit" from walking under the Trump Palace sign on his way home and spitting on its grounds. (There's that childish thing.)

He appeared on ABC's The View Friday morning and stupidly claimed that Donald Trump with nukes poses more of a danger than ISIS with nukes. Also watch as he pretends to not be biased:

Olbermann recently turned down a job from his former employer MSNBC because the salary offer was too low -- kind of like his morals. 

The progressive pundit has also lent his "talents" to Fox Sports and Al Gore's now-defunct Current TV. He was fired from his ESPN duties last year after getting into an immature Twitter war with a Penn State student who tagged him in celebration of raising $13 million for pediatric cancer. But as he was too ensconced in a personal vendetta against the university for trying to get back the 111 wins that were stripped away because of the child sex abuse scandal by former assistant coach Terry Sandusky, he couldn't bring himself to applaud the charity and instead called the student "pathetic." (There's that childish thing, again.)

He's also not a fan of conservative women. As an MSNBC host, Olbermann lashed out at Michelle Malkin, saying she harbored "fascist hatred" and was nothing more than a "mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick on it." It's a wonder the ladies on The View would still have this misogynist on as a guest. But it does help to explain why he can't keep a job.

TruthRevolt's Caleb Howe provided perhaps the most piquant description of this liberal loudmouth in a previous story:

Keith's ego is legendary, and his petty vindictiveness is matched only by his vindictive pettiness. From countless Twitter wars, scores of on-air diatribes and childish insults, and generally smug and superior attitude in all things, he is the very picture of the self-involved diva. We might call him the Worst Person in the World if we were given to tired jokes, ancient references, worn-out insults, and absurd invective. But that's Keith's territory. He owns it.

So, instead, we offer him the Hall of Shame.