Olbermann Out At ESPN ... Again

Erstwhile paid liberal loudmouth and still active woman-hating progressive Keith Olbermann (formerly of ESPN, Fox Sports, MSNBC, Current TV, and his Twitter feed) has, predictably, been let go from his job at ESPN for a second time.

Given that most of his jobs end in utter destruction, it is hardly a surprise. In fact, it was pretty much destined. Wednesday afternoon, ESPN released a statement about the separation.

“Keith is a tremendous talent who has consistently done timely, entertaining and thought-provoking work since returning to ESPN. While the show’s content was distinctive and extremely high quality, we ultimately made a business decision to move in another direction. We wish Keith nothing but the best and trust that his skill and ability will lead him to another promising endeavor.”

Keith's ego is legendary, and his petty vindictiveness is matched only by his vindictive pettiness. From countless Twitter wars, scores of on-air diatribes and childish insults, and generally smug and superior attitude in all things, he is the very picture of the self-involved diva. We might call him the Worst Person in the World if we were given to tired jokes, ancient references, worn-out insults, and absurd invective. But that's Keith's territory. He owns it.

After a recent Twitter flame war with PSU students raising money for cancer (yep), Olbermann finally relented and apologized. He said that had been "stupid and childish and way less mature" than the students. A fitting summary for his time at ESPN and every other network he's been with. Stupid. Childish. And way less mature than pretty much everyone else.

But hey, what do you expect from a mashed up bag of meat with eyeglasses on it?