Media Hall of Shame: Christopher Hayes: What Media Bias?

What PC culture running amok?

MSNBC's Christopher Hayes proudly proclaims that he is a member of the liberal mainstream media, while at the same time declaring without a shadow of doubt that the machine he is a part of is in no way biased towards or against a political party. And because of this blatant falsehood, and more, he earns a spot on TruthRevolt's Media Hall of Shame.

Hayes' start with the "Lean Forward" network began in 2010, subbing for the network's other über-liberal hosts Rachel Maddow, Ed Shultz, Lawrence O'Donnell, and Keith Olbermann. By the time he had settled in as host of his own show, Up with Chris Hayes, in 2011, he was revealing his inner struggles with using the term "heroism" in relation to American soldiers, saying, "I feel uncomfortable about the word because it seems to me that it is so rhetorically proximate to justifications for more war." Hayes was only trying to make sure the word was reserved for actual heroes, not cheapened by political rhetoric -- and he was certainly NOT showing any personal bias in doing so. Truly.

By 2013, Hayes, then 34, became the youngest prime-time host of any cable news channel with All In with Chris Hayes, a show that continues today. As a prominent figure in the political left, he is often a guest of other progressive programming. And though Hayes has been in TR's crosshairs from the beginning, it was one of those appearances that caught our attention this week.

On Wednesday, he was on Trevor Noah's Daily Show on Comedy Central. There, he was propositioned for a comment by Noah who said:

The accusations that the mainstream media is pro-Democrat, anti-Republican is one that is being, you know, I guess thrown out by the GOP right now. You are part of that machine. You are the mainstream media. Is that how it works? Is the mainstream media Democrat all the time and are they anti-Republican?  

Hayes replied:

No. I would say, I'm sort of out-- I'm part of the mainstream media, but my viewpoint is pretty clear. I think what people don't like is when they feel that there are biases at work that are unannounced. And I think the mainstream media is biased, but not in any partisan way.

I think there are certain biases we have. We have bias towards spectacle. We have bias towards someone just blew something up. Let's go cover that. 100,000 people marched for something somewhere else. I don't know if that’s good television, right? So there is all kind of biases that end up having different expressions along the political spectrum, but mostly they're biases of the form of television. 

At the top of the segment, Hayes was positively NOT showing his liberal bias in saying that the GOP candidates have shown a lack of substance, while the Democrats are showing true passion for policy. In his words:

At the risk of bias, I think there's a little more desire for policy substance amongst the people paying attention at this point in the primary in the Democratic field, if I can say that.

Noah interrupted that thought to remind him he is a part of the liberal media; a fact he said he "wears proudly."

Watch below:



Thursday evening on All In, Hayes interviewed Salon's resident #BlackLivesMatter minstrel and Rutgers Professor Brittney Cooper, as well as author and individual rights educator Greg Lukianoff. They were guests in the wake of the lunacy that spread across American colleges like wildfire this week, as students struggled with the First Amendment, triggering speech, and safe spaces. Hayes opening statement was this:

I really fail to see why this is an example of "PC culture" run amok.

Thankfully, he was reminded by Lukianoff about the new and most unfortunate Mizzou campus policy that urges students to call 911 immediately if they are "victims" of hateful or hurtful speech.

But for Cooper, she explained that the "real" motivations behind these students' protests was not so much an infringement on others' Constitutional rights, but as something to demonstrate how unsafe they feel on campus. To that, Hayes gave no retort.

Here is that segment:



Hayes has no one fooled who is paying attention to liberal media bias, and anyone following his Twitter feed (I only do because it's my job) already know it's his "safe space" for extreme bias, but it was high-time he made it to our list. So, welcome to the Hall of Shame, Chris, you deserve it.