Media Darling Drops S-Bomb on Air, Will We See the Same Outrage?

Not all news folks are created equal, apparently.

Video via Grabien.

Fox contributor Stacey Dash was suspended for two weeks from the network after she was bleeped out saying that President Obama "doesn't give a sh*t" about terrorism. But she's not the only person who said that about someone yesterday. Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart used the same words about Mitch McConnell.

Jon Stewart was on as a guest, promoting the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act. The show is a primary source for liberal news and commentary, thanks mainly to Stewart's tenure. It is safe to say that Jon Stewart saying that Mitch McConnell doesn't give a sh*t about anything but politics has far more impact than any or even every Fox News host saying the same about Barack Obama. 

Now it may be tempting to argue that he was merely playing off of Dash, and perhaps he was, but it is by far not the first time he's dropped a curse word. Not even the first time in this episode. And to that point in the show the only mention of the Fox suspendees was in regard to Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, not Dash. Besides, what really matters, as liberal scolds so often remind us, is what the ears that hear it think. Judging by Twitter users, (who he encouraged to tweet about the issue) they were none too aware of Fox and all too thrilled by Stewart's phrase.

There are many more. And not just on Twitter. You'll see that the Huffington Post takes Stewart very seriously, including his characterization of Mitch McConnell.

Will we see the same fussy-britches faux indignation with regard to Jon Stewart that we saw over Stacey Dash? Of course not, it's a ridiculous question. As usual they will hide behind the label "comedy show", though Stewart was deadly serious he said it, they will say it is not news, despite the fact that for many liberals it is their only news. But they will give it away, in the end, because they can never help it. They'll say that phrase they love to pull out now and then, "sitting President" and claim that it is different because of who he is. 

Which is, of course, true. But not because he's a "sitting President," something that didn't matter one bit to these folks during the Bush administration. No, he's different because of which President he is. But we already knew that. He is The One, after all.