Matthews: Only Southerners Back Sessions and You Can 'Hear Dixie in Their Voices'

Um, Orrin Hatch is from Utah, Chris...

Here we go again, the left peddling the narrative that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is nothing more than a Southern racist. 

During his Wednesday evening broadcast, MSNBC's Chris Matthews spoke about President Trump's public scolding of Sessions, and asserted that the only ones standing with the AG are "mostly southern senators" with "Dixie in their voices."

After all, they support" a favorite "of the old Confederacy."

Newsbusters provides the recap and video clip: 

The loony train was off and running seconds into the show as Matthews declared that “we're watching civil war between mostly southern senators loyal to the man from Alabama as he challenges the President out there loudly trying to dump him.”

“The fight is now making Republicans take sides between Donald Trump, a former Democrat from New York, lets remember, and Jeff Sessions, a favorite of the old Confederacy. Well, the President’s latest assault is to hit Jeff Sessions for not removing the acting FBI director,” he continued.

[...] Matthews wasn’t done, telling a panel eight minutes later that Republicans and conservatives defending Sessions are “mostly southern senators” and thus, in his mind, “[t]here’s a real sort of regional thing here.”

“They consider Sessions one of their own — sort of an old southern guy. You can almost hear Dixie in their voices. Watch this,” Matthews added while The Washington Post’s Philip Bump could be heard laughing.

However, there was just one problem: not all of the Republicans in the video montage were southerners. Sure, Lindsey Graham (S.C.), Richard Shelby (Ala.), Thom Tillis (N.C.) and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich from Georgia are from the South and Deep South, but the other three arguably are not.

John Cornyn is from Texas, but many would contend that Texas stands on her own. As for the other two, John Barrasso represents Wyoming and Orrin Hatch hails from Utah.

Talk about Fake News.