Ex-ESPN Reporter Believes Conservative Views Led to Firing

"Why is the other perspective not represented?”

Britt McHenry was one of the nearly 100 employees laid off at failing ESPN earlier this year and she believes her outspoken conservative political views are at least part of the reason.

In a profile piece at The Washington Post, McHenry states that she was unaware of the liberal bias at the sports network until she started expressing her own viewpoints.

"It's across the board. It's all sports media,” McHenry said. “I’m not trying to attack my former employer… [but] Why is the other perspective not represented? Because a lot of sports fans still feel that way.”

McHenry was urged to remove “conservative” from her Twitter profile while she was an employee and reveals she did so. She also said ESPN monitored her social media accounts while she was an employee. Though she said she removed the word, she never silenced her conservative views.

As a bureau reporter, McHenry wasn’t allowed to express opinions on-air but noticed that SportsCenter was beginning to get very political.

“I would have loved to be included in that, but I wasn’t,” she said. “I saw the move towards commentary and personality in sports in general, and I just felt like why isn't this counterpoint being talked about? When there's a panel talking about how great Colin Kaepernick's stance is, why wasn't there a person to counter that?”

Earlier this month, McHenry ripped into Kaepernick’s shenanigans in a blog post, excoriating him for his anti-American and anti-cop stances. Without the eye of ESPN looking over her shoulder, McHenry says she’s had a bit of an “awakening” to be more vocal with her politics.

“So, it's nice to be able to kind of say things,” she said. “And I don't care if people hate on me, I really don’t.”

Recently, McHenry commented on a tweet by Fox Sports reporter Clay Travis who suggested he wasn’t buying ESPN execs claiming the network isn’t liberal because it rehired Hank Williams to sing the Monday Night Football theme. McHenry replied, “I mean I’ve been openly Conservative… look how that ended up…”

McHenry has since deleted that tweet.

While employed at ESPN, McHenry was suspended for a week in 2015 after a towing company in Arlington, Virginia, released video of her insulting one of its employees in a dispute over a towed vehicle. That brought a lot of bad press McHenry’s way who later apologized for her “regrettable” words. But as TruthRevolt noted at that time, the video was highly edited with only McHenry’s comments and none of the employee’s. Not one major news outlet bothered to check the other side of the story. The New York Post discovered the towing outfit scored an "F" by the Better Business Bureau and that its online reviews showed a pattern of abuse toward customers.

Photo credit: Keith Allison via Foter.com / CC BY-SA