Hospital Pulls Charlie Gard's Life Support, Parents Mourn His Death

“Our beautiful little boy has gone."

After his parents doggedly fought against the secular British courts to keep him alive, baby Charlie Gard finally had his life support pulled in hospice. 

In a statement on Friday, Charlie’s mother, Connie Yates, said: “Our beautiful little boy has gone, we are so proud of you Charlie.”

This news comes shortly after Charlie's parents announced on Monday that they would no longer battle Great Ormond Street hospital in court to save their son's life after medical examination showed that too much time had passed and Charlie would not be able to get the experimental treatment they had hoped. He died exactly one week before his first birthday. 

A spokeswoman for the hospital said on Thursday: “The risk of an unplanned and chaotic end to Charlie’s life is an unthinkable outcome for all concerned and would rob his parents of precious last moments with him."

“As the judge has now ruled, we will arrange for Charlie to be transferred to a specialist children’s hospice, whose remarkable and compassionate staff will support his family at this impossible time.”

Virtually none of Charlie Gard's parents wishes were respected by either the hospital or the courts, who routinely denied their requests even after they raised over a million dollars to have their son transferred to the United States for experimental treatment. 

Their case serves as a horrifying cautionary tale about the limitations of single-payer healthcare. 

Both Vice President Pence and Pope Francis have tweeted their condolences to Charlie's family.

Earlier in the month, President Trump also tweeted his support of saving baby Charlie. Despite the outpouring of support, despite that various hospitals agreed to take baby Charlie, the courts did not let him live. 

May the 11-month-old Charlie go to eternal rest.