Marvel, DC Artist Calls for Violence Against ‘Punchable’ Sarah Sanders

How very tolerant of him.

Bill Sienkiewicz is apparently one heck of an artist. His employers include Marvel, DC Comics, Warner Bros, The New Yorker, and The Village Voice. He also happens to be one heck of a hypocritical tool if his latest work is any indication.

Sienkiewicz has created a series he debuted on Facebook called, “The Most Punchable Faces of 2017.” One of those faces — which has been extremely distorted — includes White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders over a range target. 

We know what you’re thinking: aren’t leftists supposed to be the great defenders of women? That’s what they’d like us to believe. Yet, they prove time and time again that they’re the initiators of the real war on women — especially conservative women.

The artist is well aware of this, too, as he included a pre-defense of his cartoon knowing the backlash it would receive:

Before I get ALL the "you hateful liberal" crap from the Right...

I'm NOT advocating for violence against women.

This isn't about gender, it's about calling out lying scumbags who deserve some serious scolding and corrective head spankings- for their crimes against decency, morality - if not against history.

I'm willing to bet the first swings at her smarmy lying mug would be from women, women who find her as insufferable and deplorable as any of her male counterparts.

And besides, editorial cartooning is still freedom of speech.

So there's that.

Right, you’re “NOT advocating for violence against women.” That must be why you put her face on a bullseye and called it “punchable.” Remember the outrage when Republican Sarah Palin "targeted" political opponents with bullseyes? Keep hiding behind the First Amendment, Bill, but we see you clearly.

There are other punchable faces in the series, including Harvey Weinstein, Rep. Mitch McConnell, Matt Lauer, Steve Bannon, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump, and Roy Moore. Sanders appears to be the only woman, though it’s surprising there’s no Kellyanne Conway target. Perhaps Sienkiewicz is feeling uncharacteristically generous.

As PJ Media noted, when Sienkiewicz isn’t lampooning the faces of those he hates, he is respectfully drawing those on his ideological spectrum. His portraits of Barack Obama are truly stunning:


But when it comes time to draw Trump, he's a bit more sinister:


This isn’t Sienkiewicz's first call to violence on Facebook. In a now-deleted post, he offered “a free character sketch” for anyone willing to assault the president of the United States:

Not that he would actually advocate for violence or anything.