Man of the People: Obama Goes Kite-Surfing with Billionaire Richard Branson

On his private island, no less.

Being a billionaire is not bad thing. Hanging around with billionaires is not a bad thing. Going kite-surfing with billionaires is also not a bad thing. Going kite-surfing with billionaires while shaming others' wealth for your socialist ends: that's a bad thing.

While vacationing in the Virgin Islands, U.K. billionaire Richard Branson hosted former President Obama at his private island via his private jet. We wonder if Barack at any point lectured Branson that he "didn't build that."

The famed billionaire then posted video of the two enjoying some kite-surfing.

On his Virgin website, Branson said it was a "huge honour" to host the former President. 

"Being the former president of America, there was lots of security around, but Barack was able to really relax and get into it," Branson wrote when detailing their day. Good to see that Barack is finally getting some relaxing vacation time.

Man of the people.