Macron Urges Americans to Flee to France After Trump Exits Paris Agreement

Yes, please!

New French President Emmanuel Macron offered Americans disaffected by President Trump's decision to exit the Paris climate agreement a "second homeland" in France.

In order to help "make our planet great again," Macron extended Americans a chance to flee their savage land and benighted president for France's more enlightened yet migrant-addled shores. 

During a video address shared on social media Thursday, Macron lamented Trump's so-called "mistake," but offered words of solace for leftists more concerned about virtue-signaling than they are avoiding actual negative impacts on our jobs sector and the economy. 

"Tonight, I wish to tell the United States: France believes in you," Macron stated.  "The world believes in you... I know that you are a great nation."

Macron then called on scientists to "come and work here with us."

"To work together on concrete solutions for our kind, our environment ... Make our planet great again."

Gee. Where would we be if Macron didn't believe in us? 

According to a Heritage study, the Paris deal would reduce our GDP by over $2.5 trillion. A separate Chamber of Commerce study predicts that with implementation, the Paris agreement would cost our industrial sector 1.1 million jobs. This, in turn, would hit those who can least afford it in many of the Rust Belt states. 

But you know, to Leftists, hurting everyday Americans in real life is OK as long as they've got the right cocktail party cred. We can only hope they will take Macron up on his offer and move to France.