List of Companies No Longer Partnering with NRA Growing

At least now we know where not to shop.

With the continuing demonization of the National Rifle Association since the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, corporations are quickly dropping their business relationship with the gun rights group and will no longer offer special discounts to NRA members. 

First National Bank of Omaha, which up until now offered customers a NRA-branded credit card, announced it would no longer do so, citing “customer feedback”:

MetLife gave discounts on auto insurance to NRA members before the Parkland shooting but will no longer:

"We value all our customers but have decided to end our discount program with the NRA.”

Enterprise rent-a-car company announced the end of its partnership with the NRA which gave members lower prices on vehicles (plus through National and Alamo) starting March 26. Also choosing that termination date for the relationship is Avis and its subsidiary, Budget Rent-A-Car.

Hertz, too, joined its rivals and announced on Twitter:

Both Delta and United Airlines ended their relationship with the pro-Second Amendment organization. United stated:

Delta’s message was very similar:

On Monday, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle (R-GA) knocked Delta for its decision and warned the Georgia-based company that he would “kill” tax breaks for the airline unless it reinstated its relationship with the NRA:

Two hotel companies, Wyndham Worldwide and Best Western, are reminding customers in the wake of the Florida shooting that they are not affiliated with the NRA. Wyndham dropped them in 2017 and Best Western did the same in 2016.

Others on the list include insurance company Chubb, data security company Symantec, home security monitors SimpliSafe, as well as Allied Van Lines and North American moving companies. 

The list continues to grow, alienating at least 5 million NRA members. Add to that the millions of non-members who support gun ownership and you've got yourself a terrible business plan... unless you're the NRA, which is likely to see an increase in membership due to the leftist boycott. That's the beauty of the law of unintended consequence.

H/T Washington Examiner