Linda Sarsour hasn’t Turned Over Promised $100K to Damaged Jewish Cemetery

Shocked, I tell ya!

Palestinian-Muslim BDS activist and rabid anti-Semite Linda Sarsour tried to make herself out like a sweetheart by gathering her Islamic friends and raising money for dilapidated and vandalized Jewish cemeteries — virtue signaling at its finest. So far, it’s been a huge PR success for her brand and has provided fodder for her apologists. But one cemetery director still hasn’t received the promised funds.

According to The Algemeiner, Neil Price of the Golden Hill Cemetery in Lakewood, Colorado, can’t get an answer from Celebrate Mercy, the non-profit Islamic education organization that led the fundraising efforts back in February and March. Sarsour partnered with its founder, Tarek El-Messidi, who told Price in March that $100,000 was coming his way for repairs, but has yet to send a dime.

“We divvied up the tasks to get bids on landscaping, a fence and other security,” Price said. “Plans are in place. We just need the money.”

The Algemeiner reports:

The campaign — named “Muslims Unite to Repair Jewish Cemetery” — had raised $162,468 through the Muslim crowdfunding site LaunchGood, far beyond its set goal of $20,000. A total of $50,000 was distributed to three Jewish sites that had been vandalized: Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery in St. Louis, MO ($40,000), the Waad Hakolel Cemetery in Rochester, NY ($5,000) and the Chicago Loop Synagogue ($5,000). The director of the Missouri cemetery confirmed to The Algemeiner the receipt of the check, while other news sources have reported the New York and Illinois locations got the money as well.

Because the fundraising efforts far surpassed the original goal, the Colorado cemetery was added and a new goal of raising a total of $200K was set at the crowdfunded site.

In the meantime, Price has reached out to El-Messidi three times to no avail. The report notes that Jennifer Goodland, “a local who had never before been involved in the cemetery rehabilitation efforts,” has become Price’s point person, but it has been weeks since he’s heard from her. Goodland’s husband told Price his wife has been sick.

Goodland told The Algemeiner that she is a “person who works by opening my mouth to the right people, and getting grant money by connecting people with the right people.” She says Price is used to the “formalized traditional structure” of donations and should “get in front of Facebook Messenger or something” so he can see that “Tarek is raising money for multiple causes at the same time, and he had a lot going on with Ramadan and dealing with Islamophobia.” Goodland added that she is dealing with a “severe” traumatic brain injury but plans on making the Golden Hill cemetery a priority and will have her husband work on it “full time” going forward.

But Price said he, in fact, knows how fundraising works and has been doing non-profit work for a long time.

“You need budgets and time tables, and none of that is here,” he said.

The Algemeiner updated its story to say Sarsour explained to them that El-Messidi was “awaiting a proposal from the cemetery for potential costs so they can be allocated. This proposal/estimates have not been delivered to Tarek and Celebrate Mercy, who too have to maintain the intention and integrity of the donations received. We promised people they would all go to helping Jewish cemeteries and that’s where they will all go.”