Lena Dunham Comes to the Defense of Leftist Target Kellyanne Conway

So, that’s like one good deed out of a gazillion bad deeds.

Lena Dunham is a leftist of near-villainous proportions and even though she is more than willing to stoop very low and in many a degrading manner (certainly too many to list here), the actress/activist says she’s above making fun of other women’s looks — even those of a political stripe she loathes.

Dunham took to Twitter to defend Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway against the many attacks about her physical appearance:



Of course, this is the same Lena Dunham that promised to leave the country if Trump got elected and then confessed to going into a “psychotic rage” once he became president. So, doing one thing right against a gazillion other things so patently immoral won’t get her off the hook that easily.