FLASHBACK: Usain Bolt Stops Interview to Stand at Attention for U.S. Anthem

American athletes won’t even do this!

Last year during the Rio Olympics, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt managed to do what most NFL players can’t seem to do in their own country — he stopped a live interview so he could stand at attention because he heard "The Star-Spangled Banner" playing in the background.

This weekend’s NFL games were chock full of anthem protesters, with some teams linking arms and others kneeling. The entire Pittsburgh Steelers team stayed in their locker room safe space in protest while the national anthem played, save one team member: #78, offensive tackle Alejandro Villanueva. That’s because he is a true hero and knows what sacrificing for freedom means. Villanueva was a captain in the United States Army and a Bronze Star awardee for valor during his three tours of Afghanistan as a Ranger. He was the only Steeler to emerge onto the field to stand with his hand over his heart for the anthem. Subsequently, #78 jerseys are selling out all over the country. Boom!


It’s pretty bad when someone from another country puts these overpaid whiners to shame by standing in respect even though he didn’t have to. RIP, NFL.