Lena Dunham Confesses She Went Into 'Psychotic Rage' Over Trump Victory

Had to leave the Obamas' final White House party early because she couldn't stop crying.

The UK Daily Mail reports that grotesque exhibitionist Lena Dunham was so traumatized by Donald Trump's election victory that she went into a "psychotic rage." Probably much like Hillary Clinton herself.

Hillary-supporter Dunham told Full Frontal host Samantha Bee in The Hollywood Reporter that she directed that rage at other women who hadn't spoken out against Trump. "After the election, instead of rage at Donald Trump, I had, like, two weeks where all my rage was directed at every female movie star who never said anything. It was psychotic."

The creator of the gutter-dwelling HBO series Girls said that she was invited to the Obamas' final White House party but had to leave early because she couldn't stop crying. "They seemed to want to party, and I had to [leave] because I was like, 'I can only cry."'

She finally calmed down when Girls co-creator Jenni Konner told her, in predictably profane leftist fashion, to "f****ing chill out" and that "the problem isn't female movie stars who didn't talk about Hillary Clinton."

Dunham added that the Trump presidency was "sad and scary" -- much like Dunham's frequent nude scenes in Girls -- and has "a real terror" to it. 

Samantha Bee, who has made a career in "comedy" through anti-conservative bigotry and hatefulness, agreed. "Everything is a potential tragedy. Every time I turn my phone off, something terrible happens in the world. It's insane." Well, don't turn your phone off, then.

Both Bee and Dunham concluded, the Daily Mail notes, by agreeing that they like it when "teenage gay boys" thank them for their work. "Gay teenage boys, that's who I want to connect to," said Dunham. "That's who I feel I am inside."