Leftists Disrupt College Republican Meeting, Demand Safe Space

"Dialogue is violence."

Colleges are increasingly turning into leftist crock pots where you send your children for four years and spend $100,000 for them to become fully-cooked socialists. If they were even intellectually curious people who just came out as socialists, that would be one thing, but these kids are locked in and steeped in this single school of thought for the duration of their time, and woe betide anyone who should confront them with another opinion. The recipe would be ruined, and the administration has taught them that it is literal violence to hear it.

Enter the recent excitement at the University of California Santa Cruz, brought to us by Campus Reform

Here's what happened: a group of college Republicans met privately and peacefully and everyone else lost their minds. 

Here's what happened in more detail: the meeting began and a student entered the room to ask what their group was. The College Republicans (CRs) told her, and she left, but came back about 15 minutes later with an angry entourage. Student activist Haik Adamian posted on the official UCSC Student Facebook group, literally arguing that the CRs be forcibly denied their Constitutional rights. 

So, they're the fascists, but you're the one who wants to deny a group their rights based on ideology? Interesting. 

Not seeing the inherent irony in this call to action, students gathered and stormed the meeting, calling the students the usual things: fascists, racists, white supremacists, etc. UCSC CRs offered to speak with the group, College Fix reports, but they were told that "dialogue is violence" and that the only thing that would placate the protesters was for the CRs to leave because their very presence was a "threat to the library."

To give credit where credit is due, school officials refused to shut down the CRs meeting, even in the face of screaming leftists berating them. One protester went into the main library area screaming that there were "Nazis upstairs," which didn't do much to help the protester's cause.

Now, to condemn the school where condemnation is due: the protesters disrupted the library for two hours before the police were called. Three were arrested, for protesting a group of people sitting in a room talking amongst themselves about mainstream political ideas. Very heroic of the protesters.

CR President Brandon Lang told Campus Reform "When the protesters came in, we all just wanted to talk with them. We didn't want there to be any trouble, and since we enjoy debate, they would've been welcome to talk. (I) wasn't surprised when they continued their chanting, as they made it obvious from the outset that they weren't there to talk." Lang also said that the protest ended up promoting their club."All of the people who came down to see what was going on...ended up siding with us because it was immediately obvious that what they heard was inaccurate. (I believe that it will) result in the club receiving a lot of new members in the coming week, as I've seen an uptick in the number of people requesting the joining the FB page." 

Why did these students feel that they're entitled to a campus free of opposing thought? Why did they think it's acceptable to throw an outright temper tantrum when they were denied it? Likely because, on campuses across America, that's exactly what's being delivered.