College Professor: Protest Ben Shapiro or You're a Chump

“If you sit by and treat this like a non-thing, you are a chump."

A sociology professor at University of California-Merced has a problem with conservative commentator Ben Shapiro. Namely, he thinks Shapiro is a fascist and a white supremacist. What kind of Jewish white supremacist fascist travels the country to encourage free speech is beyond me, but this professor, identified as Fernando Cortes Chirono, seems pretty sure. Shapiro is coming to the campus in February and Chirono is already trying to organize students against him, Campus Reform reports

He told students:

This fascist is going to come to UC Merced in February because the College Republicans on their own were able to raise over $40,000...As a professor at the UC's most diverse campus...we are going to start organizing some kind of protest and welcoming committee for these assholes. I just wanted to let you all know that the fascists are coming.

In case you were concerned that Chirono wasn't hyperbolic enough, he also said that not being against Shapiro would reflect poorly on their character. For the rest of their lives. 

Now we get to see your character. If you sit by and treat this like a non-thing, you are a chump. The way you act now is the way you act in the future. If you stay in line now, you will stay in line in the future.

You know what he thinks reflects really well on a person's character, though? Reveling in the thought of doing physical harm to Shapiro in the form of an MMA fight. Obviously, he would not be able to take him on intellectually. He also told students

I am completely down with that. I got all day. I wouldn't enjoy ripping this fool's shoulder out of his socket? Oh my God, you all don't know. You all don't know. 

Umm, Professor? I'm pretty sure the people who rip others arms out of their sockets because they share another viewpoint are the fascists. I'm just sayin'.