Leftist Lies: No, White Extremists Aren’t a Bigger Threat than Islamic Terrorists

“Strangely, the same people who argue that terrorism isn't even remotely a threat also argue that we're all going to be killed by imaginary right-wing terrorists.”

Here’s a statistic propagated by Islam apologists that you’ve probably heard: “94% of all terror attacks are committed by non-Muslims.” Liberals like to make such claims that Americans are more likely to be killed by a white right-winger than by a Muslim.

Well, the data doesn’t back it up and in fact, the statistics are distorted and ignored altogether to drive that narrative. Thankfully, PJ Media’s national security and terrorism correspondent Patrick Poole issued a “Fact Check” using the FBI’s own data which turns the claim on it’s head and reveals the truth: “94% of U.S. terrorism fatalities are caused by Islamic terrorists.”

Poole states that “even under the most charitable reading of the data,” these claims “trotted out after virtually every major terrorist attack” are as fake as CNN. It’s not true that “only 6% of terror attacks in the U.S. are by Muslims,” nor is it true that “94% of terror attacks are committed by white men.”

That last one is “flatly false,” Poole says, “because the data cited is never broken out by sex or race.” A huge part of the problem is, the data comes from a FBI terrorism report that is over a decade old and takes into account all “incidents,” which means “an ecoterrorist mailbox bomb that doesn't injure or kill anyone is given the exact same weight as the Oklahoma City bombing or the 9/11 attacks,” Poole adds.

But the constant narrative pushed by the Left is that Muslims are just not that dangerous and the real threat comes from white extremists. Yet, as Poole notes, using the very data that is manipulated to conclude a completely different stat, it’s Islamic terrorists that post nearly all the danger in the U.S. even though they account for less than one percent of the population. Just look at the data Poole breaks down:

“Out of the 3,178 terrorism fatalities during this period, Islamic terrorists account for 2,989 (94 percent).”

All but six fatalities due to Islamic terrorism come from the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the 9/11 attacks.

For comparison, the Oklahoma City bombing by Timothy McVeigh accounts for only 168, or 5.2 percent of, terrorism fatalities during that period.

Here's another data point from the FBI terrorism report:

“Of the 14,038 injured in terror attacks, Islamic terrorism was responsible for 13,067 (93 percent).”

So, to put it another way:

"Islamic terrorism is responsible for 94 percent of all terror fatalities and 93 percent of all terror-related injuries."

I doubt that's going to get trumpeted over at The Daily Beast or the HuffPo. And it's important to repeat that I'm using the exact same data they use.

Poole adds an even larger crushing blow to leftists hoping to pin the danger on right-wing terror:

“7 out of 10 terrorist incidents are committed by the Left-wing.”

You read that correctly. In attempting to absolve the American Muslim community, they end up implicating themselves.

When you look at the data by "incident" -- the measure they use to get their "6 percent of attacks are Muslim" stat -- more than half (68 percent) were committed by Puerto Rican independence groups favored by the political Left (the ones who just got a parade in New York City a few weeks ago) and ecoterrorists.

Another 5 percent of terrorist incidents were perpetrated by Communists.

So to put it another way:

“73% of all terror attacks originate with the Left wing.”

Even more remarkable, when you're counting by incidents, so-called "right wing" terrorism barely registers. Again, the downside of counting "by incidents" means Oklahoma City only counts as one of the 318 terror attacks in the report.

For more of Poole’s analysis, click here, and tell your liberal friends they're completely wrong (again).